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Separation Anxiety Training

We are pleased to offer separation anxiety training and support with Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) Yasmin Baylor.

Separation anxiety is a panic disorder or phobia that dogs can experience when left alone. If you notice your dog vocalizing (barking, whining, howling), going to the bathroom inside, being destructive, or injuring themself through excessive licking or chewing, biting at the crate bars, eating walls, etc. when left alone, your dog might be experiencing separation anxiety. This behavior and panic will not resolve on its own, but is it treatable and you are not alone. We can help.

Our separation anxiety expert will take a holistic approach to modifying your dog's behavior, looking at a number of factors that can impact their anxiety. The training is done through careful, systematic training steps that teach your dog to be alone without panicking. Training plans are entirely custom to each individual dog. The treatment does require that your dog is not left alone during the training process, and we will help you enlist a supportive team of helpers to ensure this is possible.

If you're ready to help your dog feel more safe, comfortable, and confident when left alone, look no further—our Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer is ready to help!

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  • 60-90 minute consultation that includes a live assessment to determine your dog's threshold of alone-time

  • Get our separation anxiety expert's recommendation for your next steps

  • Consultation fee can be rolled into a separation anxiety package (see below) or one of our different coaching packages depending on our recommendations and your training goals 

  • Investment: $220

All training is virtual.

  • 60-90 minute virtual consultation that includes a live assessment to determine your dog's threshold of alone-time

  • 4-weeks of customized daily training plans

  • Comprehensive data tracking

  • Weekly live check ins and reassessments with your trainer on Zoom

  • Daily support, coaching, and cheerleading from your trainer

  • Investment: $1,100
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