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I started working with Cynthia from JWDT based on a referral from a close friend. I had just adopted Sunshine, my pandemic puppy, and was totally overwhelmed. Cynthia is a miracle worker. She introduced me to R+ training and has helped me form a wonderful and trusting bond with my pup. And all over Zoom! I never thought it was possible to accomplish what we did over a video call, but it totally worked! She's also coached me through so many of the frustrating moments of new puppy training that I feel she should double as a therapist! Sunshine and I are so happy to know Cynthia and for all the amazing things she's helped us achieve. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Colleen from Los Angeles, CA

We have had several rescue dogs over the years and used several dog trainers. Juliana DeWillems is the absolute best. She knows the canine mind and can teach humans. She was able in the very first session to show me how to stop certain behaviors and shape others in our 12 year old dog. Our aging rescue dog is now even better behaved and happier with the training we are both getting. Our dog no longer attacks noisy buses and knows the trick dog pose. Juliana is in a different league from all the other trainers we have ever had. I recommend her and look forward to working with her with our next dog.

Larry from Cleveland Park, D.C.


JW Dog Training was a godsend when I rescued my 9-month old German shepherd mix. Her previous owners misused an e-collar on her and she was very sensitive and distrusting of the training process. With the help of Kat (who is ABSOLUTELY amazing!!) and the others at JWDT, I was able to help my dog integrate into a multi dog household, manage her behavioral issues and reactivity, as well as give her the best life. I absolutely can't thank you guys enough for all of the guidance and ideas you've provided throughout this whole training process! I look forward to future sessions with the trainers at JWDT!

Katie from Palm Bay, FL


We love JW Dog Training! We got a rescue who started displaying some fearful behaviors. Wouldn't go outside, would barely eat, and was afraid of *everything.* With the help of Kat & JWDT (and anxiety meds), we've been able to build up her confidence and implement new management techniques to help her navigate those tough moments. We started with the four-pack Behavior Mod package, and it is *definitely* worth the time, money, and effort. Kat responds very quickly to our messages and includes helpful links and videos to supplement what we learn in a session.  Juliana and her team lead with empathy, dedication, patience, and compassion.

Hannah from Arlington, VA

So grateful for Kat’s help! She helped me and my Frankie with anxiety after dog attack, loss of other pup and moving over 800 miles for work. Gave me some wonderful tools, games to teach and Frankie is doing so well! I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to her again! Highly recommend

Tori from Arlington, VA

We are so grateful we found Juliana! We were really struggling with our sweet, sensitive dog’s reactivity to other dogs in our busy city neighborhood. Juliana patiently and compassionately gave us the tools to overcome this challenge, and most importantly trained us on how to help him! Now, he can walk past almost any dog with no problem. When we added a second pup to our family, Juliana helped us understand their dynamics and find creative techniques to keep our dogs happy during the settling in period. And, Juliana has given us insights that serve as building blocks to help our dogs with any new challenges that arise. We can’t recommend her enough!

Alex and Cat from Adams Morgan, D.C.

Juliana helped me and my 9 month old golden retriever work through some fear issues (noise sensitivity, fear of the dark etc) and through typical teenage pup issues. She’s so knowledgeable and available to help when you have questions. I love that she has many training credentials and uses a positive approach. She is so easy to work with and never makes me feel badly about my dogs behaviors. I highly recommend!

Sarah from Arlington, VA

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