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A woman with brown hair and a blue shirt crouches down and high five's a black chihuahua while dog training.

When you need help solving your dog's behavior issues, we think you deserve the best. Our training is effective, fun, and helps build an even stronger relationship with your dog.

Private dog training from experts

Our Services


Virtual Coaching

Our certified trainers can help you with any behavior issue via virtual dog training: new puppy, basic manners, adopted dog, separation anxiety, aggression, and reactivity.

In-person dog training in Arlington and Alexandria, VA for dogs needing work on life skills like leash walking, coming when called, jumping and more.

In-Person Basic Training

In-Person Behavior Modification

In-person dog training in Arlington VA and Alexandria, VA for dogs experiencing behavior issues like reactivity, fear, anxiety, aggression, and more.


"We love JW Dog Training! We got a one-year old rescue who started displaying fearful behaviors. She wouldn't go outside, would barely eat, and was afraid of *everything.* With the help of Kat we've been able to build up her confidence and implement new management techniques to help her navigate those tough moments. It is *definitely* worth the time, money, and effort." Read more.

—  Hannah from Arlington, VA

A woman with dark hair and a gray shirt looks down at a large white dog who is looking up at her. They are walking together, the dog on leash, in a grassy area.
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A woman with dark brown hair and a black shirt kneels down next to a golden retriever who is sitting next to her on a sidewalk. The dog is looking at the woman while she smiles at the camera. They are on a sidewalk in Georgetown, DC.

We're here to help you solve behavior issues and build a stronger relationship with your dog.

A woman is walking a yellow lab mix on leash. The dog is looking up at her and she is gazing down at the dog as they walk.


Our in-person service areas are Arlington, Alexandria, Springfield, and National Harbor. We offer virtual training world wide.

What package are you interested in?

Thank you for your inquiry! We aim to respond within 24 hours Sunday - Thursday. If you don't hear back from us, please check your spam folder. We look forward to working with you!


Now offering separation anxiety treatment! JW Dog Training has added a Certified Separation Anxiety Specialist, Yasmin Baylor, to the team to support dog owners who find their dogs panicking when left alone.

This challenging behavior issue can result in harm to the dog, noise complaints, and extreme stress to the family. There are treatment options! Learn more about our separation anxiety services and get your dog and your family on the path to relief.

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Whether you want to set your new puppy up for success, need help with your rescue dog's transition, or are facing serious behavior issues with your dog—our certified dog trainers are equipped to help. If you're not in our in-person service area, we can work with you virtually.

We look forward to connecting with you and helping you with your dog.

A pregnant woman wearing jeans and a blue shirt is smiling at her brown curly-haired dog who is sitting in front of her in a grassy area. Her arm is extended and the dog's paw is in her hand.
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